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Georgia Association of Assessing Officials
01/12/2019 GAAO Executive Director, Ashley O'Donald, would like to encourage you or a qualified applicant from your office to apply for the Robert L. Wilson Scholarship. Information concerning the scholarship is as follows: In memory of Mr. Robert L. (Bob) Wilson, long time GAAO Secretary/Treasurer, the GAAO Executive Board is pleased to announce the 9th Annual Robert L. Wilson Summer Conference Scholarship to the 2019 GAAO Summer Conference. This scholarship will cover the cost of Conference Registration for a qualified GAAO Member as well as lodging cost in a standard Guestroom for Sunday through Wednesday Nights of the Conference. Any additional charges for guest of the scholarship winner will be paid for by the guest. The qualified applicant must have the written approval of the County to attend, be a first time attendee to the Conference, and the applicant’s County would not otherwise pay for the expenses to attend. Applicant must also agree to attend all official GAAO functions at the Conference. To apply for the scholarship submit in writing your job responsibilities in your County, and a one page essay of why you would like to come to the Conference and how your attendance will better equip you to do your job and serve your taxpayers. Please submit the above to Ashley O’Donald, Summer Conference Chairman, 1323 West Walnut Avenue, Suite 2-282, Dalton, GA 30720. The Summer Conference Committee will award the Scholarship to the applicant they feel most deserving. All decisions are final. Please submit application by February 7, 2019. Scholarship sponsored by South Data.
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