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Georgia Association of Assessing Officials
07-24-2018 Dear GAAO Contacts: Mr. Ashley O’Donald President, Georgia Association of Assessing Officials Hand delivered this date at the 58th Annual GAAO Summer Conference called Executive Board Meeting Announced at the Attendee Appreciation Luncheon on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 Tuesday, July 17, 2018 Please see notice at the close of this announcement. Mr. O’Donald, It has been my honor to serve our great Association as Executive Director since January 1, 2006. At the end of this year I will have served in this capacity for 13 years. I have seen our Association grow in membership, professionalism, technology, and educational offerings. GAAO has afforded me many opportunities to travel, have influence and serve our members in ways I never dreamed possible. I have enjoyed my service and would not take anything for the rich memories and most importantly, the deep and true friendships I have found. This being said, I wish to submit my resignation as Executive Director of GAAO effective December 31, 2018. In no way should this be interpreted as meaning I no longer wish to be an active part of GAAO. I have been a member for 35 years, served as President and spent 7 years on the Executive Board. Of our active Members only 11 have been a member longer and still active in our profession. My decision to resign has not been easy and without much prayer. I am at peace that this is the right decision for myself. In plain words, one does not experience the serious injury and illness I have experienced in the past 9 months and not spend a lot of time in life review and decision making. I make no secret of the busy yet fulfilling lifestyle I lead. My family and especially my wife have been through this as well and I could not have made it without them. My jurisdiction has been kind to me and has allowed me to serve but frankly it needs and deserves more of my attention. Further yet however, and most compelling in my decision to resign is that I feel strongly God spared my life to serve Him in greater capacity than I have in the past. What strength and extra energy He may give me, I simply feel compelled to offer in return to His service. I believe the current Executive Board to be capable of naming my replacement and urge you to work together as this will be the most important decision in your service to GAAO. I leave the Association on firm ground financially and in strength. I have no regrets nor feel any compulsion other than what is stated above. I also stand ready to assist in a smooth transition of leadership in the position of Executive Director as I have a strong desire to see GAAO grow in numbers and statue and most importantly, remain viable to our membership. Our viability is tied to the self education of ourselves and has been and is near and dear to my heart. As stated, I have a lot of figurative and literal, blood sweat and tears invested in our past and future and will be willing to assist in any way our membership may need me.
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