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Georgia Association of Assessing Officials
GAAO committees are the backbone of the organization. Committees were implemented to help with the strategic planning of educational needs and to assist the Executive Board with various charges. Each committee represents a specific subject area. Committee chairs are appointed by the President. We encourage our membership to become involved with the future of our organization through committee participation. If you are interested in serving on a committee, feel free to contact the Executive Director. COMMITTEE CHAIRS/APPOINTEES:       AUDIT- Andrea Crutchfield, Bibb County     CHAPLIN-Steve Watson, Hall County     COMMERCIAL PROPERTY-James Stokes, Paulding County     The Commercial Property Committee offers research and assistance in the valuation of commercial property in the State of Georgia and offers recommendations regarding legislative policy.     DIRECTOR OF LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS-Steve Swindell, Cherokee Co     The Director of Legislative Affairs is appointed by the President Elect during the annual summer conference.  This Director is responsible for carrying     legislative issues for the association, interacting with the Association of County Commissioners (ACCG), the Department of Revenue, Legislators, and     others involved in developing policy regarding assessment administration.  The Director of Legislative Affairs shall serve as a member of the Legislative     Policy Committee and may also serve as a registered lobbyist for the association.     EDUCATION-Stephen White, Cobb County     The Education Committee addresses the education needs of Assessors and Appraisers in the State of Georgia.  It determines topics of current interest,     develops   and presents one-day seminars sponsored by GAAO.  This committee prepares a written annual report that is presented to the Education     Steering Committee to offer input in to the Georgia Certification Program sponsored by the Georgia Department of Revenue.     ELECTIONS-Stephanie Lee, Screven County     The Elections Committee is responsible for the proper conduct of the election to include certification of voters and ballots, the vote county and the     declaration of elected officials.  This committee may adopt and promulgate such rules and procedures as may be necessary to ensure the proper and     orderly conduct of the annual election and submit to the Executive Board for approval.     LEGISLATIVE POLICY STATEMENT-Chuck Anglin, Putnam County     The Legislative Policy Statement Committee is responsible for preparing the Legislative Policy Statement that is presented to the Georgia Legislature during     each   annual session.  This purpose of the statement is to inform Legislators and GAAO members of the concerns and recommendations involving legislation      or proposed legislation that affect property tax administration.     MEMBERSHIP & PROMOTIONS-Amanda Clark, Houston County     The Membership Committee is responsible for promoting membership in our professional organization.  It prepares brochures, flyers, and other     promotional items as needed.  The committee reviews the membership numbers and determines any needs for changing district lines.     NOMINATING-Chuck Anglin, Putnam County     The Nominations Committee consists of not less than five (5) regular members in good standing and is responsible for selecting members in good     standing as candidates for offices of President, President-Elect, Vice President, and when applicable open district positions on the Executive Board.      The committee makes its presentation of selected nominees at the Semi-annual Summer Conference business meeting.  The Chair will also call for     nominations from the floor at that time.    OFFICE POLICY AND PROCEDURES- Billy Carter, Ware County  & Silas Hrobar, Lowndes County     Develop and maintain templates of office policies and procedures that can be utilized by every county.  Assist counties when needed with the     implementation of office policies and procedures.  Review changes to Georgia Law and the Department of Revenue Rules and Regulations to ensure policy     and procedure templates remain current and viable.     PARLIAMENTARIAN-Kathy Newton, Bulloch County     PERSONAL PROPERTY-Cathy Emery Cobb County     The Personal Property Committee is responsible for addressing issues that deal with personal property taxation.  It offers research and assistance     in the area of assessment methodology and recommendations regarding Legislative policy.     PROFESSIONAL DESIGNATION-Mary Kirkpatrick, Forsyth County     Look for innovative ways to promote higher Professional Designations. Work with the Education Committee to analyze our current programs and     develop other pathways to professional designations.  Develop tutorial programs to encourage and assist GAAO members in attaining Professional     Designations    from organizations such as IAAO and others.     PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ADVISORY-James Stokes Paulding County & Roderick Conley, Chatham County     This committee is to work with the Professional Designation committee to develop or restructure the current professional designation program. Review,     analyze the criteria for obtaining professional designations.     RULES, REGS & BY-LAWS-John Scott, Bulloch County     The Rules, Resolution and By-Laws Committee may adopt and promulgate changes to the GAAO Constitution and By-Laws as approved by the     Executive Board and majority vote of the eligible voting members.  It reviews both the Constitution and By-Laws annually for any needed changes.     SUMMER CONFERENCE-Ashley W. O’Donald, Whitfield County     The Summer Conference Committee consists of the Executive Director, who chairs this committee, the President, the President Elect and a secretary     that is appointed by the Chairman.  This committee is responsible for planning the GAAO Summer Conference.    TECHNOLOGY/GIS- Cody Hamilton, Miller County & Christine Stinchcomb, Paulding County    WEBSITE COORDINATOR-Cody Hamilton, Miller County & Ashley W. O’Donald, Whitfield County  
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