Georgia Certified Appraiser Designation (GCA)...


The Georgia Certified Appraiser (GCA) designation is an official commendation bestowed by the Georgia Association of Assessing Officials on those of its members who have demonstrated the possession of excellent knowledge and skills in the mass appraisal of property for ad valorem purposes. It is an honor to achieve the designation and each member of GAAO is encouraged to strive to achieve this distinction.

GCA Requirements:

The GCA designation is fundamentally associated with GAAO, and the professionalism of its grantees reflects further on the integrity and judgement.

Of the grantors; further, it presupposes a certain level of expertise in mass appraisal theory and familiarity with Georgia’s laws and procedures; therefore, continued membership in GAAO is a prerequisite for maintaining the designation. GAAO reserves the right to demand the return of the GCA certificate should the holder of the designation cease to belong to GAAO. Requirements for applicants attempting to obtain the GCA designation are:

The report will be graded utilizing the IAAO Guides to Demonstration Appraisal Report Writing. The applicant should follow this guide.

To obtain the guide contact:
130 East Randolph Street, Suite 850
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: (312) 819-6100

For additional information contact:
Mr. John Scott, Executive Director
Georgia Association of Assessing Officials
P O Box 734
Statesboro, GA 30458

A candidate will be deemed to have performed satisfactorily if a majority of the GCA Review Committee judges the required report to be satisfactory.

If the GCA Review Committee deems the candidate’s performance unsatisfactory, the candidate will be notified of the specific deficiencies and the steps necessary to challenge the designation again.

After a second disapproval of a report, a revision is not allowed, and the candidate must submit a completely new report on another subject property.

The members of the GCA Review Committee shall be appointed at the Annual Short Course in Assessment Administration and will begin their term the following year. The committee will be comprised of the following:

The application fee shall be set by the GCA Review Committee at no less that $25.00. The fee for second submissions shall also be set by the GCA Review Committee at no less than $10.00.

The applicant is allowed five years to complete the requirements after which the fee will be forfeited and the application will become null and void.