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Georgia Association of Assessing Officials
Membership Application (Click Here) REGULAR MEMBERS Regular membership shall include (a) duly appointed/elected members of boards of assessors; (b) appraisers and support staff who are employed in the tax assessors' office; and (c) any individual who is under contract to serve as the appraisal staff for a Class I county. Other county employees who are assigned to the tax assessors' office and whose duties are related to property tax valuation. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Any officer, official or active employee of any governmental agency in the State of Georgia and who is not eligible for regular membership. Associate members shall be ineligible to vote in general elections and/or committee meetings. SUBSCRIBING MEMBERS Any person not eligible for regular or associate membership and who has an expressed and bona fide interest in tax assessment and administration and who subscribes to the objectives of the Association. Subscribing members shall be ineligible to vote in general elections and/or committee meetings. HONORARY LIFETIME MEMBER This membership may be conferred upon any person in recognition of exceptionally distinguished service or some singularly outstanding accomplishment or contribution in behalf of the Association, and who has been elected to said honor by a two-thirds vote at any regular meeting of the Association. Provided that, Regular and Associate members so honored shall not revert to this status until their official retirement or honorable termination of employment from the position which qualifies them for Regular or Associate membership, so long as they remain so separated. Subscribing members or any other person so honored shall assume the Honorary Lifetime Membership upon election. Provided further that, such honorary memberships shall be conferred for life and such members, except those who retain active membership, shall not be required to pay dues nor shall they be eligible to vote nor be elected to office in the Association.
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